A series of postcards for Fink Development, career consultants.
A striking visual image draws in the reader, with a short title connecting the photograph on front to the actionable content on the reverse.

The reverse provides a short explanation of the technique, and challenges the reader to complete an exercise that will yield usable results.
What better analogy for "work, then break" than a staircase with landings? The continual moving upwards reinforces the idea that more one accomplishes, the closer he or she is to the goal.
This image of an aerial dancer beneath a heliosphere may raise more questions than it answers; but high above the ground, with many eyes watching, there is no doubt her every move is made with intention.
A tree literally specifies its successes on a seasonal basis: each ring denotes a growing season, showing how much the tree "accomplished" during that time period. The abstract resemblance to a bullseye is an homage to earlier mockups of this card.
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